Boasy Tuesdays 2022, Dancehall Videos Jamaica

Boasy Tuesdays 2022

Boasy Tuesdays 2022

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How to Attend Boasy Tuesdays 2022 and enjoy Dancehall Videos in Jamaica

We wanted to watch boasy tuesdays dancehall videos, but they only had 200 views on youtube, so we decided to learn how to dance in jamaica instead. In order to dance in jamaica, you need the ability to move your hips in the right direction and if you can’t do that then it’s just not worth it. Luckily we were able to find some boasy tuesdays dancehall videos that showed us how to move our hips in the right direction in order to improve our dancing skills in jamaica!

Boasy Tuesdays 2022, Dancehall Videos in Jamaica 2022

Boasy Tuesday is one of Jamaica’s top dancehall dance live in the streets, you can learn how to dance and get to know new dance moves, event patrons gather and wait eagerly for their favourite sound systems such has Boom Boom and Harry Hype Music, Zj milo, Tom and Raevas.


In 2020 on any given Tuesday night. The event takes place at Half way tree in St andrew where patrons can get to meet jamaica’s top dancers, selectors sharing thoughts. They’ll also enjoy performances by world-class musicians such as Beenie Man and Quick Cook, Ghost, Richie Stephens.


How to Dance at Boasy Tuesday

Best time to be at Boasy tuesday is around 9pm remember curfew still on in jamaica. bear in mind when
there is no curfew the event may return to regular time of 2am the next morning (Wednesday).


The event began in March 2006 but organizers say they want it to continue beyond 2022. According to organizers, that is why they have decided to call it Boasy Tuesdays 2022 hoping that it will last for many years. This year a large screen was placed in main street so everyone could see what goes on at Half Way Tree.

There was a slow dance competition after which popular selector Boom boom performed featuring best of jamaican dancers from all parishes mainly Kingston. Be prepared for video recordings and audio done by 2GranTv. Check out 2granTv Dancehall Videos 24/7.


One of Jamaica’s most vibrant cultural events, Boasy Tuesday is a major draw for locals and tourists alike. Attendees dress up in their favorite costumes and participate in traditional Jamaican dances all night long. Get ready for one of Jamaica’s most unique parties.


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